Easy formability, high-quality surface finish, consistent surface texture with the optimum balance between texture and smoothness.

Key Factors

  • Continuous galvanising with dual pot system for GI and GA production.
  • Higher Strength (Upto TS 980 MPa) and SEDDQ Grade.
  • Continous pickling.
  • Twin Stand 6-High Reversing Mill.
  • Electrolytic Cleaning.
  • Batch Annealing Furnaces.
  • 4-High single stand skin pass.


Hot Rolled - Coils, Sheets & Plates

Thickness 0.35 - 3.2 mm
Width 750 - 1870 mm
Grades CQ, DQ, DDQ, EDDQ, IF, HIF, HSS, Bake Hardening, High Strength Micro Alloyed, C-Mn High Strength, Rephosphorized, Dual Phase